brown water

brown water

by Alan Wood
(Phoenix AZ)

Copper pipes thru home. Replaced gas water heater with new, Old one had some corrosion. Have a recirculating pump for instant hot water thru home. Still have discolored reddish brown water HOT ONLY for first 20 seconds thru all of house.

Flushed system and heater several times. Drained heater, added 6 gallons of chlorine, ran all hot faucets until we got chlorine there. Let it sit over night, drained tank and all hot faucets next day. THERE WAS NO NOTICEABLE CHLORINE in the water there next day. I think this is impossible but there was no chlorine...I wanted to recover it..Now after 4 or 5 hours of heating we still get 20 seconds of discolored water. ... Going on 2 weeks. Water co. tested water and says it is safe... has no idea, nor do I. ANY IDEAS?

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