Bradford White Hydrojet 50 kicks off breaker

Bradford White Hydrojet 50 kicks off breaker

by Glen Edwards
(Peoria, Arizona 85383)

Our Bradford White Hydrojet 50 gallon electric water heater ran fine for one year, then started to "kick" the breaker off. Plumber came out and replaced the heating elements and the unit worked fine for 8 months then did the same thin. Now 9 months later unit is doing it again. I have installed 11 water heaters in my residence and my rental properties, and for friends. GE units from Home depot. I am not a plumber, just relatively handy. This Bradford White Hydrojet was installed by a licensed plumbing contractor in 2012, who had just re pipped one of our rental condos. Seem like nice enough people and charged what I thought was a fair price for the unit and install.

They just sent out a service man who told my wife there is nothing wrong with the unit. I will be replacing it with a 12 year GE unit this Sunday before watching the Super Bowl. I will be certain to denigrate Bradford White products based on my personal experience. I suspect that the GE unit will last the better part of the remainder of my life.

After reading reviews of Bradford White units on line, I have absolutely no confidence in the unit. If I experience the same breaker tripping problem, I will take the time to return to this site and take back my comments.

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