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See the available Bradford White direct vent water heaters for producing domestic hot water in residential and mobile homes. Designed with the advance features, they ensure better recovery rates, faster delivery, easier and convenient diagnostics and more. See tips for the safe installation.

Bradford White direct vent water heaters utilize one telescopic and co-axial pipe, or pipe in a pipe, and the closed combustion chamber to take the air in from the outside and move the products of combustion out. Direct venting is ideal for rooms with the insufficient supply of combustion air and no electricity.

All the units from this manufacturer are designed for heating potable water either in residential applications or mobile homes. Here is the list of the available categories:

All the models are factory built to use natural gas, and for those models that run on LP gas, small modifications are applied such as the use of titanium stainless steel gas burner.

Energy Saver models with the Defender Safety System

bradford white gas water heater with direct ventingThere are two direct vent water heaters coming from Energy Saver series: a 40-gallon model DS1‑40S6FBN and DS1‑50S6FBN as a 50-gallon model, both with the Defender Safety System. These models are FVIR compliant and utilize an exclusive ICON system which maximizes the performance and ensures safety operation.

The features include the intelligent gas control with the diagnostic system and LED light to signalize the normal operation or problem, and the thermopile that creates electricity for running the gas valve and microprocessor.

It also includes the advanced temperature controller for the accurate and more stable hot water temperature and separate immersed thermowell for convenient gas control valve removal.

Venting system uses the co-axial vent pipe, which makes the installation very flexible. The top can be rotated while the horizontal and vertical extensions can be added. Maximum length of the horizontal venting is up to 100 ft. The standard features include the Hydrojet Total Performance System, which helps in reducing the sediment build-up for better first hour delivery and Vitraglas lining and magnesium anode rod for protection against the aggressive water action.

High-Input Direct Vent

Direct vent models DH1‑504T6FBN, DH1‑65T6FBN and DH1‑75S6FBN from High Input series are found in three tank sizes: 48, 65 and 75 gallons.

The difference between this group and the previous is that these water heaters are more powerful, offer greater recovery rates and larger tank size. If we compare 50-gallon models from both groups, we will see that high-input and direct vent model DH1‑504T6FBN comes with higher recovery rate of 53 GPH vs. 45 GPH and power input of 50,000 Btu vs. 42,000. Also the high-input water heaters are used not only for heating potable water, but for space heating, since they have side connections.

High input series shares similar features as the models from previous series: the ICON system, Hydrojet, Vitraglas lining, flexible vent kit, magnesium anode and other.

Manufactured home

bradford white direct vent for mobile homesBradford White direct water heaters also meet HUD standards for mobile home use, and they are built with the 30 and 40-gallon tank sizes. The water heaters are equipped with the fully automatic controls and have the closed combustion vent kit for installation flexibility.

The standard features ensure the efficient water heating and these include the heat traps to reduce the heat loss through piping and specially designed flue baffle, which maximizes the heat transfer inside the flue tube.

As all direct vent models, mobile home units are using the Vitraglas lining and magnesium anode rod to protect the metal tank from corrosion.

Bradford White direct water heaters are available to the homeowners only through the professional installers, sales and service network, which ensures safe and proper installation.

Standard warranty is 6 years but can be extended to 10.

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