Bosch 1600h not igniting under normal flow, and water temperature low

Bosch 1600h not igniting under normal flow, and water temperature low

I have a Bosch 1600h using LP gas. Installed in 2004 and no issues until this spring when I rebuilt the water valve. The water heater will now not fire unless temp knob is turned totally clockwise, and two faucets running simultaneously. Flame will go out if I try to increase flow. Water is only lukewarm. I have a fairly high iron content in my well water, and water is very cold. Have never descaled unit, but have never had issues, and flow is above minimum requirements for unit to fire, even when flow capacity is set low. Always had hot enough water even with two appliances running.

Adjusting flame control know seems to make no difference in appearance of flame. My tankless heater is winterized each year by pumping full of RV antifreeze. It worked fine when I shut it down in the fall. I even took the water valve back apart and put the old parts back in it. Same problem. I know that the flow must be better since the inlet screen was pretty plugged when I rebuilt the valve. I always had the flow set to a high setting in the past. My slowest faucet fills a quart container in 20 seconds, 5 seconds faster that minimum required time. Unit will fire immediately if I open relief valve next to unit.

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