Aquastar GWH2700

Aquastar GWH2700

by Ralph
(San Antonio, TX USA)

During a large remodeling project we purchased two Aquastar GWH2700 NATURAL GAS TANKLESS WATER HEATERS. After they were installed outside they froze and broke, and we live in Texas. So we repaired and had them moved to the inside attic at cost of about $1500 for relocation. After this was completed we continue to have to reset the units for some unknown reason. Not just one unit but both units. These were new units not refurbished.

My wife and I are the only ones living here and we continue to have the same problem. Its been about 6 years now and i TELL YOU THE MANUFACTURE NOR THE PLUMBING COMPANY WE USE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CAUSES THE ERROR CODES. Its the same code on both units. We bought these units from CPO outlets again as new. This is the worst investment we have ever made. The manufacturer would only support the units for its standard warranty. The plumbing company has coordinated with the manufacturer and has not been able to permanently fix. Stay away from this product not reliable at all. We paid about $1200 for each unit.

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